debbie widjaja

Product operator with 12+ years of experience building products. Currently CPO at Zero Gravity, previously at Shopify and Meta.You'd hear me talk about bringing the product craft back to its first principles: building something that delivers value to the users and the business. Bonus point if that value also translates to a positive social or environmental impact to the world.


I crystallize my product thinking on Medium which has been read by over 200k people. You'll find tools, frameworks, and stories based on my experience building and leading product teams. Some of my most popular articles:

I only write when I have something to say, so don't expect a weekly drop from me.


I always welcome the opportunity to share my experience with the product community. I've spoken at various events and conferences organised by Product Tank, Mind The Product, Product-Led Alliance, UCL, etc.

I'm particularly keen to be involved with communities that focus on improving equity, diversity, and inclusion in tech.


Through advisory and coaching, I help PMs, leaders, and founders build better products. I honestly don't have much free time these days, but I'm keen to hear from you if you're from a minority background, or if your company has a social/environmental mission.

Real-life product management is messy. I know, because I live and breathe product challenges every day.Let me help you navigate the mess.